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Start a vibrant crowdfunding campaign for a great savings goal within your club. Tools to create the feeling of togetherness and move the supporters of the club.

The benefits
  • All the ingredients for vibrant crowdfunding campaign(s)
  • 0% commission, every AUD is for the club
  • Adjustable how often to pay out (daily, weekly, etc).
  • Set rewards at different amounts to encourage higher gifts
  • Integrated with other FootballAssist modules
Make club wishes come true with crowdfunding

Funds are needed to make something happen. Solar panels, a renovation of the canteen or new materials. Crowdfunding is the solution, but crowdfunding platforms keep a commission of the money saved and are not nicely integrated on own ClubWebsite and ClubApp. All members need to be reached and moved to contribute something to the club. You want a campaign that vibrates and stays vibrant. But how do you do that?

New training shirts

Target amount AUD 1.500,-

Sponsor a vest

Sponsor 1 vest that can be used during training sessions. €5,-

Sponsor a ball

Sponsor one of the balls for the pupils, juniors or seniors. €25,-

Buy a goal

Sponsor one of the goals so we can always be effective. €250,-
Donate now
Crowdfunding, but thoughtful.

Just having an iDEAL link to collect money won't get you there. The crowdfunding module of VoetbalAssist is everything you need for an effective campaign. It is already in your package, you pay 0% commission, it is nicely integrated on your own club platform and it works perfectly with other VoetbalAssist modules.


Track the crowdfunding campaign over time. See what, when and by whom (unless anonymous) has been donated and monitor the amount raised in relation by your target amount.

Crowdfunding newsletter

Link the crowdfunding action to the newsletter module and easily spread the news. Be amazed how many of your own members want to contribute something. This way you can do it together.

Crowdfunding widget

Places the pre-baked crowdfunding widget on your website with the current savings level and the savings goal. This way all members can see what the intermediate score is. This has a motivating effect and increases team spirit.


Link amounts to rewards (possibly a graduated scale), to give something back to the people who give generously. A good incentive for the giver to contribute just a little more to the savings goal.

Campaign updates

Do regular campaign updates to engage your donors and thereby keep the campaign vibrant and current.

  • Increased due to success

    Because of the many donations we have decided to increase the amount to be raised. For this purpose, in addition to the vests, we will also ensure that the other training materials will be renewed.

    Thanks for the many donations so far!!!

  • How many times can you hold high?

    Do you manage to hold 10x high, film it and post it on Facebook. Donate a small amount of course. If you do not succeed, you must donate a minimum of 5 euros in return.

  • The first new training materials are in

    The first new training materials, including training vests, have just been received. Let's move on and make sure we all have top material available in the coming years.

Crowdfunding channels

Promote the savings campaign through the news module on ClubWebsite, ClubAPP, ClubTV and social media channels. In doing so, maximize the reach and increase the chances of raising the dream amount. With the crowdfunding module, almost any club wish can be fulfilled.

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