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A complete, central and easy to manage website, app and CMS for the club

The benefits
  • Full control over the club
  • Make adjustments quickly and easily with widgets
  • Hand out rights for website, app and content management
  • Suitable for both novice and expert webmasters

The challenges for the webmaster

You are busy with it; upload new photos, put match reports online, post news.


Many requests come to you by e-mail so that you no longer get around to developing your own ideas to make the website of the club more beautiful and functional. You are the only one within the association who really understands IT and websites, so you often feel a burden on your shoulders and regularly work in the evenings to take on tasks.

Everything depends on you

The activities increasingly feel as an obligation, but you have a heart for the club, so you prefer a solution. What if you get sick or go on vacation? What tricks should you take out of the drawer to organize a temporary transfer without everything stopping? Constantly available for those small bugs or text adjustments, shouldn't that be better?

What if you had a complete, central and easy to manage website, app and CMS at your disposal?

  • Making website and app adjustments is a matter of dragging widgets and bugs together.
  • You manage the website, app, content and narrowcasting centrally and together with others.
Simple management

Making website and app adjustments is a matter of dragging widgets together and bugs are a thing of the past. You manage the website, app, content and narrowcasting centrally and together with others.


Determine who does what and because working with the system is very simple, you can explain how it works yourself and transfer responsibilities. Give rights to the PR man to upload texts and give the competition secretary the rights to make a digital training schedule.

Create more

If someone leaves the editorial team, they can easily be replaced. You feel less pressure on your shoulders and this way the webmastership is a lot of fun and you also have time to shape your technical ideas for the club.

FootballAssist supports webmasters within the football association

Below we have made a selection of the FootballAssist functions that support you and help you to get a grip on the club's website, app and cms every day.

Everything works, is modular and bug free

A big burden falls off your shoulders because the Football Assist software always works and offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. It is an all-in solution for all IT needs of the club and therefore the only system required. We crush bugs that could arise. You will also have a say in new functionalities that we are going to build.

breakdown service
Management from beginner to expert webmaster

The functionalities within FootballAssist are simple and accessible to everyone. There is also a lot of challenge for the technical webmasters. This keeps it fun to work with for any level of knowledge. If you can't figure it out, we offer 24/7 ticket support. Within office hours, our average response time is only 1 hour.

Hand out and manage rights

The online management is divided into different roles, you no longer have to do everything yourself. Hand out rights to the treasurer, trainer, sponsorship committee, members, volunteer coordinator and many more roles so they can become responsible for their part. This creates a team-sized editorial.

Website of the football association

Set up the club site the way you want and to suit the club. Choose from 1 of the 4 website templates and build it with a choice of 30 football-specific widgets. Completely responsive, so you have the option to create your own layout for the tablet, mobile and desktop.

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position $250,-
Target $950,-
Training bibs Donate now
Match reports
UNSW seems ready for the sprint towards the title Nepean FC 1st - UNSW FC 1st
The goal is also hit immediately after the winter break! SD Raiders FC 1 st - Inter Lions FC 1 st
Nepean FC is no match for SD Raiders FC attacking block SD Raiders FC 1 st- Nepean FC 1st
Board member Board member football affairs
Goalkeeper coach Goalkeeper coach wanted the youth teams
Technical coordinator Technical coordinator Juniors wanted
Pupil of the week
David Smith Manly United FC 1 st - Sydney FC 1 st See more
Live match
Inter Lions 2-0 St George The players enter the field under the direction of Mr. Fikkert Follow the live blog now
Matches 2 games canceled
Training session 8 training sessions canceled
Club TV narrowcasting management

The accessible, cheap and stable digital signage in the canteen, boardroom or dressing room. Make a presentation consisting of slides, the content of which you determine yourself. Choose from 25 slides with different options such as length, animation, marquee, broadcast dates, etc. Tip: place a TV at the entrance of the club with the dressing room and field layouts for your own members and visitors.

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Your own app

Your own club app in the house style. You compose the menu yourself and the content is completely responsive for every phone type. Members who download the app have their own club icon in the phone. Via push notifications they are informed of cancellations, reminders and voluntary tasks. Live blogging during a match is very popular with the FootballAssist users. Open the live blog and let people add photos, goals, messages, assist and cards during the match. The competition is going to be bubbling!

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Technical tooling

View all tools such as e-mail, anti-ddos and hosting that are included as standard and make all other suppliers unnecessary.

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domain name registration

Thanks to the website, app and ClubTV of FootballAssist, our members are always up to date with the latest news. The app brings young people and adults together in one environment! Separate WhatsApp groups for each team are no longer necessary thanks to the live blog function, all members are reunited. In addition to many other options, the volunteer module, field and locker room layout and mailboxes are of great value to our club. The service is fast and the price is low. We are very satisfied!

Sebastiaan Majoor
Webmaster SV Laren'99

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