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Contribution module: collecting new style

In contribution paperless, error-free and on autopilot

The benefits
  • Easy collection of various contribution forms and deadlines
  • Problems with reversed direct debits are history
  • No more exporting paper authorisations and direct debit files
  • Graphical insight in the revenues and outstanding amounts

Collecting contributions is often perceived as difficult

On average, 62% of the income of a soccer club comes from collecting contributions. Therefore, it is important that it is arranged professionally and efficiently. The reversal of collections is always experienced as very annoying because it involves manual work. A solution that allows paperless and error-free collection of contributions is desirable. With maximum overview of the contribution collection situation.

These functions are covered by the contribution module:

Reversed direct debit backlog

The problem with reversed direct debits is a thing of the past with the contribution module of VoetbalAssist. The system automatically reverses the payment from paid to outstanding. The member is reminded as many times as necessary, possibly with increases, until the payment has been made. Without manual work. Even if the balance is too low, this is taken care of, without any action by the treasurer.

Reminders and surcharges

There are different terms, different (age) categories and therefore different prices that are used. For individual payments but also for each contribution type you can set after how many days an automatic reminder should be sent and what kind of increase, if any, should be linked to this. This is up to date in case of a failed direct debit; no balance or a reversed direct debit. If the member has paid, the status of the payment is automatically set to paid.

No more paper authorizations

The first contribution invoice is sent from the system to the member. With the help of a link, a digital authorization is sent so that the contribution can be deducted each period.

Member has overview

The member has an overview of which payments, including contribution and one-time payments, have been made and which have not yet been made. In this environment the digital authorization can be withdrawn.

Other contributions

Other contributions to the club, such as 'friends of 50', 'club of 100' and also single payments, are easy to collect.

Never again export and import a direct debit file into the bank.

The system is automatically linked to a direct debit service. Manually sending the collection file to the bank is a thing of the past.

Easily collect incidental payments

Many clubs work with fines and the possibility of buying off voluntary services by the member. Collecting these incidental payments is very easy.

Visual overview of contribution collection

Built into the system is a nice overview of invoiced, paid and outstanding membership fees and other contributions made over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a member pay?

The member can choose between direct debit or iDEAL. For the older ones, bank transfer is also possible.

What kind of emails does the member get?

That depends on which payment method they have chosen. In the case of a direct debit, they will not receive an iDEAL link unless the direct debit fails or is reversed.

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