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The unique strengths of FootballAssist

Why choose FootballAssist? How do we distinguish ourselves?

The benefits
  • Focus and attention only on amateur football clubs
  • Market leadership in the world of football clubsoftware
  • Software worked out to the last detail
  • Data links matches and members from the association
  • Support is close to the development and therefore competent
  • 'Supporting your club' is our motto


We focus specifically and only on amateur football clubs


Our attention goes 100% to amateur football and all the activities, target groups and functions within a club.

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Much more than a media package

In addition to a media package (web/app/tv), our package contains all kinds of essential modules, also for internal use, such as contribution, player tracking system, volunteer module, sponsor module and VeldTV.

Software designed down to the last detail

We have suitable software for everything that happens within a football club and literally for every person within the club. Down to the smallest detail.

Support is close to the development and therefore skilled

Our programmers know every blade of grass in the software. They are also trained to support the end user, often within the hour. This was a conscious decision not to separate the support and development departments.

Market leader

FootballAssist is the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium. This means high expectations, but also the best price. With over 1000 clubs, we can reduce the burden together.

Competition and member management

We have sophisticated members and competitions management tools to manage your football club

Our motto is 'in service of'.

Our team and our software are fully dedicated to amateur football. When the club is well organised, we too celebrate success.

Try FootballAssist 30 days for free

  • 100% free of obligations
  • Try it at your own pace
  • Access within 15 minutes
  • Try out all features
Try FootballAssist 30 days for free