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Trainer / Coach

Receive and provide current information and communication easily with the players

The benefits
  • Base your choices on data
  • Communicate setups easily
  • Central registration of absence
  • Spend less time on administration

The challenges for the trainer or coach

You want the very best for the team and the club. But the organization around the training and competitions takes a lot of time and you have little overview of the complete picture.

Decisions on feeling

You often make decisions based on feeling and less often on facts. However, the head of youth academy, players and parents want to know a lot of things that you do not really have a good picture of. How nice would it be to have data to support annual team layouts, selection process, setups and information for the players and parents.

last-minute cancellations

It remains a guess who will show up for the training because absence is reported ad hoc. Your work, preparations and communication should be better, right?

Formation without data

The team does not perform optimally under your supervision. You base the team divisions on gut feeling and not on data from the past period, simply because this overview is not available. Also, the setup often leads to a discussion when that is not the intention.

What if you had all the time to be a good trainer or coach?

What if you can put all your time into improving the performance of the teams? That would be great for the entire club.

From team statistics, you base your choices while preparing for next week's game. By taking notes during the match and watching video analysis afterwards, you can easily provide players with feedback and tips. Everyone is aware of all the information you have to offer the team and with little effort you can communicate centrally. More time for the work that matters!

FootballAssist supports trainers and coaches within the football association

Below we have made a selection of the FootballAssist functions that support you in getting the work that matters for the players.

Oliver Brown
Broken arm, expected to play football again within 3 months

Registration and deregistration overview

Via the ClubApp, players can report their absence including reason. Within the portal, there is clear insight into who is absent, how often and for what reason.

Ava Kahlon
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
goals assists own goal

Player registration statistics

All actions and events during a competition can be registered. Per player a valuable set of data is built up including playing time, absences, actions and type of actions, goals, assist and cards.

Thomas Anderson


Reviews can be done periodically. This is a flexible system with various facets, including physical, tactical, mental and technical, on which assessments can be made. After all, for each level, age category and position there are different aspects that can be measured.

Team statistics

Within the environment, all historical statistics are available in graphs per team. During the season, the position in the rankings, the average number of goals for and against and the number of points per team are graphically displayed. These statistics are compared to the statistics of the next opponent of that team. A perfect picture of the form, strengths and weaknesses of the opponent in relation to his own team at that moment.

Ladder development
Points progression
Goal average
Nepean FC UNSW FC  SD Raiders Inter Lions FC  St George FC Gladesville Ravens 
on average against along
Holiday Injury Work Logged out Absence

Analysis and decisions based on team and individual

Collect the stats of the team and of each individual player. In this way, decisions are only made on data and the selection, set-up and team allocation becomes better and better. Each player's strengths and areas for improvement are easily visualized.

Communication tool coach / trainer / leader

From the trainers portal, all players / team members can be informed about organizational matters in one go via a push notification. This way the players can be reached with information about trainings, cancellations and matches.

Everything clear on mobile 'in the field

A trainers portal that is also accessible on your mobile. Useful during training, competition and on the road.

Video analysis with annotation tool

The contest will be put on video and actions will be recorded. Afterwards, events are collected for training and coaching purposes. In this way players can be made aware and better by giving effective tips and feedback.


Sharing information with supporters

All information is shared centrally and made available. Setups and other information can be found quickly on the club channels: website, club app, digital signage screens and social media.

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