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The football club data privacy-proof

Guarantee the privacy of the members are save and compliant

The benefits
  • No privacy or data breaches to worry about
  • Free processing agreement
  • Privacy settings for each member in the ClubApp/website
  • Free privacy policy to members
  • Privacy Certification FootballAssist software

How is your club's personal information handled?

Your club uses a lot of personal data for organizing club football.

These are processed within the software of FootballAssist. You want the information about the members to be safe. Not only to avoid high fines, but also to respect the privacy of the members. You want to take it seriously and not have to look at which information may be published and which may not.


No privacy concerns or data leaks

You don't have to worry about personal data leaking. At FootballAssist, privacy is taken seriously.

We are tested annually on the basis of the requirements drawn up by the Personal Data Authority. So you do not have to expect any fines, data leaks or damage to reputation due to privacy issues. This radiates confidence to the club and everyone who looks on from the outside.


Privacy functionalities in the ClubApp & website

Each member gets a personal account at the club. Here the member can manage his personal data and also set the following personal privacy preferences.

  • 5. FootballAssist VeldTV records matches.

    I may be tagged so that actions of mine can be shown in a short video clip on the website, Clubapp and KantineTV.

  • 1. view my contact details

    My team players are allowed to view my contact details

  • 2. saving for the club

    When saving for the club in our club shop, my name may appear on the screen in the canteen. My name and savings balance may be shown on the screen in the canteen if I am in the 'top 5 most saved for the club in the month'.

  • 3. my passport photo on the site

    My passport photo can be placed on the website, app and on the screen in the canteen. For example, in a line-up or team formation.

  • 4. What personal data may the association share.

    The association may share my name or birthday, but not my phone number or email address.

Privacy Certificate

FootballAssist is one of the first organisations in the Netherlands to obtain Privacy certification.

The software and the way in which personal data are stored and processed are checked annually by an agency officially reviewed by the Personal Data Authority.

Processing agreement

It is not an obligation but it is advised by FootballAssist to enter into a processing agreement with us.

This is free. This processing agreement has been drawn up by the branch organisation that specialises in digital solutions such as FootballAssist offers. FootballAssist complies with this processing agreement as part of the Privacy Certification.

Privacy policy

Every football club needs a privacy regulation that must be made available to the active persons within the club.

FootballAssist, together with a lawyer, has drawn up privacy regulations specifically for amateur football clubs, which we make available free of charge. Among other things it states that within the association personal data will only be processed for:

  • Being able to organize association activities.
  • the keeping of a (member) administration regarding committees, (board) members, donors, trainers, volunteers, caretakers, relations and sponsors.
  • organizing events/activities for the benefit of (former) members, donors, relations and/or sponsors.
  • Informing members through various media about the organisation and activities.
  • The management and exploitation of the accommodation, for the benefit of the volunteer roster, bar and cleaning services.
  • Offering and managing website, apps, narrowcasting and internal applications where personal data can be used and published.
  • complying with legal requirements, such as those relating to accounting and tax legislation.
  • exchanging information with umbrella organisations such as the KNVB and Sportlink, of which members of certain clubs/associations are also automatic members.

It also states that the collection and management of personal data is the responsibility of the club and that former members have the right to be forgotten.

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