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What does the perfect match week with FootballAssist look like for you?

  • wednesday, 4:00 PM

    The run-up to the match

    1. The run-up to the match

    wednesday, 4:00 PM

    On Wednesday you will receive an automated reminder by SMS that the contribution could not be debited. Fortunately, an payment link was included to transfer it right away. The treasurer can't make it easier for you..

  • thursday evening, 6:00 PM

    The training

    2. The training

    thursday evening, 6:00 PM

    On Thursday afternoon, all members of the trainer will receive a push notification from the player tracking system via the ClubApp that the training will not take place due to the rain. On Friday you will receive an automated reminder from the volunteer service scheduled for the following day.

  • saturday morning, 11:00 AM

    The run-up to the match

    3. The run-up to the match

    saturday morning, 11:00 AM

    Today you play at home and in the app you can read that you are fighting for the period title today. The opponent is the number 3 who has moved up 5 places in recent matches. The app indicates that you will play on field 1 and have to change in dressing room 5. You walk into the accommodation and feel like it. The narrowcasting screen at the entrance indicates that the U19-2 match on field 2 has been cancelled. You forgot which dressing room you can go to and quickly look it up again, oh yes number 5. Tribute to the match secretary 👏.

  • saturday afternoon, 3:00 PM

    During the match

    4. During the match

    saturday afternoon, 3:00 PM

    The Trainer / coach has shared the line-up on the screen in the canteen, the ClubWebsite and the ClubApp. The match begins! People along the line add comments, videos, photos, goals, promotions and cards to the live blog via the ClubApp. Thanks to the live blog, the home front receives push notifications when a goal is scored and at the same time the live actions are posted on social media. The match will be recorded live on VeldTV. Your cousin on the road follows the match via the live stream in the app and the people in the cafeteria via the screen. The atmosphere is friendly and the tension is to die for.

    John 2:50 PM Let's go guys!
    Andrew 3:12 PM Suzan scores a goal! ⚽
    Julie Nice move
  • saturday afternoon, 5:00 PM

    After the game in the dressing room / canteen

    5. After the game in the dressing room / canteen

    saturday afternoon, 5:00 PM

    The match is over, won 2-0! A summary of the live stream is automatically generated. This is viewed on the ClubWebsite, ClubApp and ClubTV in the dressing room, the canteen and at home. The match statistics, such as the top scorers list and matches have been updated and are shown on the screens. The result has been entered, the (period) position has been updated in real time. We have won the period title, party in the canteen! Also a smile on the face of the chairman 😀.

  • saturday evening, 8:00 PM


    6. Home

    saturday evening, 8:00 PM

    You tell the big news to your family. Hopefully the match report will be online soon via one of the Webmasters, so that you can watch everything! You can check your personal profile, goals, assists, cards, video promotions, savings balance and your shift in the volunteer planner. Unfortunately, you have to wash the shirts next week. But that beautiful assist will do well on social media!

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