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(Competition) Secretary

Everyone easily informed of all match information

The benefits
  • Sophisticated members and competitions management tools
  • Communicate match information from one point
  • Help with layouts thanks to handy planners
  • Sharing information through different channels

The challenges for the competition secretary

You do your best to inform everyone in the run-up to the match. However, there are always people who know nothing or have not read something, so you receive unnecessary questions and e-mails.

When drawing up a field, dressing room, and training schedule, it takes a lot of effort to collect all the information. You hear that many members look at, but you prefer that this data can be found on the website or your own app. Communication must be streamlined better so that you have less work and everyone is aware of competition matters.

No control over the communication channels

The feeling that you do not have full control over the communication channels leads to some annoyance. You notice a lot of questions coming in about match information when you thought everything was clearly communicated. In your opinion, the effort you put into work is less appreciated. The members are on looking at KNVB data and therefore you miss it as visitors to your own club site. A missed opportunity.

What if communication of match information is arranged centrally and it is distributed automatically?

Then the website of the football association is rich in information, data and entertainment. That makes it an attraction for all members and stakeholders to visit.

Moreover, all information can also be found automatically in the app, so that members have access to the information all over the world. All conceivable competition information is entered centrally and distributed via the website, app, push notifications, narrowcasting, social media, SMS and e-mail. This way you keep the members close and the club is directly connected to the members and supporters every day. Also outside the weekends.

FootballAssist supports match secretaries within the football association

Below we have made a selection of the FootballAssist functions that support you and help you get a grip on how to share match information every day.

Planner field format

From now on, make the field layouts digital and you can share it with everyone via the app and website. No more paper scribbles, but a nice and clear scheme that you have made with click and drag.

Dressing room planner

You decide which dressing room is assigned to the teams on the match days. Simply plan it as a reservation system and share it at the touch of a button. It is then shown in advance on the website, in the app and on the screens on the day itself. This way everyone is well informed.

Training schedule planner

Make an extensive planning of all training schedules. Fully digital and per team. The schedules are then visible 24 hours a day in the app and on the website.

Match planner

Plan practice matches and tournaments completely with the match planner. Hand out tasks and communicate what the schedules look like from one central point.

Publish everything on the website, app and narrowcasting

All schedules and layouts you have made can be published on the website, in the app and on the screens at the club via narrowcasting. This way you immediately inform everyone who is leading, what time the match starts, on which field the training is and in which dressing room everyone should be.

vv Oeken has been using Voetbal Assist for its website since 2010. At the time chosen because of the simple link with the entire competition program, it was now unthinkable to switch to your own solution. The system is regularly expanded and adapts to the wishes of users. We now use Voetbal Assist for our website but also for ClubTV in our clubhouse.

Emile Jager
vv Oeken

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