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A player tracking system linked to the ClubApp

Indispensable analysis tools and communication with the players

The benefits
  • Unsubscribe tool for players with overview trainer
  • Analysis and decisions based on team and individual
  • Communication tool with supporters and between coach, trainer and leader
  • Video analysis with annotation tool and insight 'in the field

Raise the level of the players

To be a good and modern trainer who wants to get the team and players to the next level, a player tracking system is indispensable. Substantiate findings from data to point out strengths and weaknesses of the players. The strength of the game following system lies in the large amount of available player and match data and the communication tools (ClubApp).

A game monitoring system for the trainer, player, parent and even the fan

A standalone player management system is good for internal use. The game monitoring system of FootballAssist is also linked to other target groups within the club. Think of the ClubApp of the members / parents where, among other things, absence can be reported. The trainers who use the ClubApp to log into their trainers account and on the field can see and enter player data. They also manage the lineup that is published on the website, app, social media and in the canteen on the screen. The coach can choose if he wants to...

These functions are part of our Player Tracking System:

Registration and overview of cancellations

Through the ClubApp, players can report their absence including the reason. Within the portal there is a clear overview of who is absent, how often and for what reason.

Player profile with statistics

Registration statistics of players, actions and events during a match can be registered. Per player a valuable set of data is built up including playing time, absence, actions and type of actions, goals, assist and cards.


Periodically assessments can be made. This is a flexible system with different facets such as physical, tactical, mental and technical. After all, for each level, age category and position there are different aspects that can be measured.

Data on the performance of an individual can be combined with periodic assessments. The strengths and areas of improvement of a player are shown and thus the progression becomes clear.

Team statistics

Within the environment all historical statistics per team are available in graphs. During the season the position on the league table, the average number of goals for and against and the number of points per team are displayed graphically. These statistics are compared to the statistics of the next opponent of that team. A perfect picture of the form, strengths and weaknesses of the opponent in relation to your own team at that time.

Analysis and decisions based on team and individual

Collect the statistics of the team and of each individual player. This way, decisions are made based on data only and the selection, line-up and team formation gets better and better. Strengths and points of improvement of each player can easily be visualized.

Communication tool coach/trainer/leader

From the trainers portal, all players/team members can be informed at once about organisational matters via a push notification. In this way the players are reached for example with information about training, cancellations and matches.

All insight on mobile 'in the field

A trainers' portal that is also accessible on smartphones. Handy for during training, competition and on the road.

Video analysis with annotation tool

The match is recorded on video and actions are registered. Afterwards these events are collected for training and coaching purposes. This way players can be made aware and better by giving effective tips and feedback.

Sharing information with supporters

All information is centrally shared and made available. Formations and other information can be found quickly on the club channels: website, club app, narrowcasting screens and social media.

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