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Extra income for the club

Take advantage of the opportunity for extra income and maintain a financially healthy club

The benefits
  • Save costs by automating
  • 8 ways of income for the club
  • Easy to work with and centrally controlled
  • Convenient contribution, canteen, sponsorship and ticketing systems
Collection of contributions in 2021

Never miss an outstanding invoice or reversal. The contribution paid by the members to the association is collected fully automatically. We keep a neat record of who has paid and who should receive a reminder. Moreover, paper permissions are a thing of the past. The advantages: simple, little work, more overview and control over the club finances.

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Sufficient money and volunteers

A financially healthy club has enough money and volunteers.

Thanks to the automated sending of invoices, no income is lost and the volunteer is relieved. Additional income streams ensure a filled club greenhouse. External people no longer need to be hired to save money. With FootballAssist there are 8 ways to get money in the drawer of the club greenhouse.

Sponsor overview

How many shows per hour on ClubTV?

Within the club's website there is the possibility to open a webshop. For example, players can order a new club outfit or other club accessories. The administrator of the webshop determines the products and prices.

in association with
Corporate All Weather Jack Ordering
Tiro 19 Training Short Ordering

New training jackets

Donors 12
Retrieved $60,00
For the youth we need new training jackets. These vests are used daily and are now older than many of the players who wear them. That is why we ask for a small donation to be able to put our youngest talents in a fresh new vest.
Donate now

Does the club need a new lawn or is the canteen in need of renovation? Then a crowdfunding campaign is one of the possibilities. Everyone who cares about the club can then contribute financially to the goals of the club. 100% of the amount raised goes to the club and setting up and communicating a campaign is easy.

Money box

Elk lid heeft een eigen spaarpotje in de clubapp. Bestelling zoals bij Coolblue en gaan via OnzeClubWinkel. Zo sparen leden automatisch een klein percentage van de aankoop voor zichzelf en voor de club.


Chips and Snag rolls

Shipping method
Checkout with iDeal
Registration form activity linked to iDEAL

Soon a tournament, sale of snag rolls or other activity for which people have to register and possibly pay something for? Then use a registration form which you can use to pay directly.

Ticket revenues

The online registration of visitors, ordering and possible checkout of tickets is well arranged. Handy, for example, for a match for which one has to pay, such as a home match of the 1st or a cup match against a professional club. If necessary, set a maximum number of visitors, have people order online, checkout with iDEAL and scan the visitors' tickets at the entrance via the smartphone. The process is simple and effective for everyone.

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Monday, 29 July 2024
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Canteen income

In the canteen there is a source of income. By linking the price list of the cash register system to ClubTV, all prices are displayed on the screen in the canteen. In this way, everyone can see the supply and prices at a glance, which increases the chance of sales.

By automating these streams of income and making them easy for everyone, the football club remains financially healthy.

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