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FootballAssist FieldTV

Offer your supporters a live stream and summary of matches in the canteen, at home and on the road.

The benefits
  • Automatic recording of matches using TNO technology.
  • Images are linked to the ClubWebsite, ClubApp, ClubTV, sponsor module and liveblog
  • Rights of the images lies with the club itself
  • Includes analysis tools to improve player and team performance.

Why don't we have this?

Video is a thing of the past. People record things but they don't reach the general public. With your club you want to appeal to the youth and increase your reach. You also want to involve people who can't physically be at the match, such as the players' grandparents and friends. A large range offers sponsorship opportunities for the club and trainers can use the video for analysis. At the same time, the youth asks: "why are my actions still nowhere in an app"?


Entertainment, earnings and tooling for the trainer

With VeldTV, the match is recorded automatically, without human intervention. The live broadcast is shown on your own club channels, making the ClubWebsite, ClubTV and ClubApp buzz with many viewers. Everyone can watch from wherever they want and read what happened in which minute via the linked liveblog. The annotation tools gives the trainer a powerful tool for analysis. And the cleverly integrated sponsor tool makes your sponsor committee and treasurer happy. Modern and functional.

These functions are included in FootballAssist FieldTV:

Automatic recording

As soon as the website starts recording, it starts automatically. If you record in "public mode", it will be streamed live on all your official club channels. Using the private mode, some training sessions or matches can be masked for purely internal use.

Automatic summary

Moments in the video can be tagged. All tags together are pasted and form the summary. This can be shared on the ClubWebsite, ClubApp and ClubTV.

Image rights belong to the club

The footage is owned by the club. This means that thanks to the integration with FootballAssist, the images are shown exclusively on the club's own channels. All visitors, liveliness and revenues remain with the club.

Match away from home also in the club's own building

Is your team playing a match against a club that also has FootballAssist FieldTV? This footage will be shown live at your own club on all your club channels.

Sponsorships during the broadcast

FootballAssist has a powerful sponsorship tool for displaying your local sponsors on FieldTV. There are several solutions to display the footage in an attractive way.


By linking to the liveblog the images become interactive. A pop-up appears on the images for goals, assists, cards and other comments. If the visitor flips open the pop-up, the timeline shows the course of the match.


The trainer can show fragments of the match to his/her players. Reflect and visualize the game on an individual and team level.

FootballAssist VeldTV was created in cooperation with USportFor.

Every week 320 matches are broadcast by 80 different clubs. Together with FootballAssist, we can seamlessly integrate our technology directly into all club channels.

Kevin Finch
CEO - UsportFor

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Download the PDF with all the possibilities and prices of VeldTV at a glance.

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