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Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you still have questions after reading our website. Here you will find some frequently asked questions.

Administrative & financial

We would like to start! What is the procedure?

You request the registration form via [email protected]. After we have received it back by email or possibly post, we will set up the environment under a temporary url: We also establish a link with the association for members and competitions. When you have provided the website with content such as a menu layout, texts, contact details, sponsors, etc., the domain can be moved/linked to the VoetbalAssist environment and the new website is up and running.

Why is VoetbalAssist so competitively priced?

This is because every club that joins is in the so-called 'cloud'. The efficient set-up of VoetbalAssist provides such (cost) benefits, which almost 1000 clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium are now making use of.

Which modules of VoetbalAssist generate income for the club?

There are 8 financial modules. Help with existing source of income, to be more efficient and error-free such as dues, sponsorship and ticketing. And modules such as OnzeClubWinkel that complement traditional sources of income. View these under Opportunities >> income for the club


Does VoetbalAssist also offer the results, standings and program module separately?

No, this module is so intertwined with the total application (including player profiles, top scorers, cancellations, season stats, goal scorers, dressing room / field layout, etc), so that we only offer it as a total package.

Can I make suggestions?

Yes, that is our strength! We have a Suggestion Platform where clubs can enter and vote on suggestions. We call this democratic further development.

What does the support include?

VoetbalAssist has a support website behind a login. This website consists of a knowledge center (manuals), ticket processing, latest news and release notes where all new functionality is communicated.

VoetbalAssist distinguishes itself from all other parties in that our programmers are trained to provide support. You will therefore always receive a good substantive response.

How is the display of VoetbalAssist on the mobile phone?

We have developed 3 versions specifically for mobile phones and iPads: The app (for Android and iOS from Apple), a responsive version of the website and a mobile version. The responsive version will eventually completely replace the mobile version. Read more about what responsive means here.

I want something more unique, instead of the usual templates where you can only adjust the colors, is that possible?

Yes, you can have a custom made layout designed by VoetbalAssist or you can design it yourself and provide a sliced ​​design. VoetbalAssist will then implement this.


Do we get access to webmail and how many email addresses can we create?

You can create unlimited email addresses and have access to:, imap, pop3, webmail, spam filters, forwarding, out-of-office, backups and encrypted mail.

How often are adjustments made and is the application including the website down?

The website is only down for a few minutes at most in the event of very large updates. We will do this at a quiet time and give the visitor a proper notification. Small changes, improvements and updates are made weekly, you will not notice this.

Furthermore, VoetbalAssist has a status page on which the status of the mail server and application is communicated in the event of malfunctions.

Good to know is that VoetbalAssist is behind an anti-ddos platform.

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