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FootballAssist Subscription Pricing

An overview of the FootballAssist cloud subscription pricing options.

All in one football club application includes:

  • Access to all FootballAssist cloud functionality
  • Upgrades – future Development & Enhancements
  • Online FootballAssist Support & Assistance
  • Access to online knowledge base
  • Unlimited Data Traffic
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Email package
  • Enhanced Security
  • Back ups
  • Domain registration

Fixed costs:

  • The startup costs are a one time AUD 250
  • AUD 2.20 per club member per year. (This is based on the number of playing and non-playing members and volunteers within the club)
  • Minimum annual amount AUD 880. We never count on more than 1250 members and we like to think along with small clubs (<175).

Optional costs:

  • The app for Android and iOS is optional to purchase for a one-time fee of AUD 350
  • Required hardware when using ClubTV, ask for the price list
  • Email packages: E-mail Basic and e-mail Plus

Fill in your club details and immediately see the costs for your club

* standard 1 support user included

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