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All-in-1 club provider

In addition to great software, all the services that a football association needs

The benefits
  • Only one supplier needed with all digital services
  • Stable, Safe and Privacy proof
  • Specialist in support all facilities for the football club
  • Email, hosting, security, domain registration, backups

The only software vendor you need

A football club often has several suppliers. Having separate providers means that not all services always work together and that uncertainty may arise.

Who registered the domain and where? How does email, the hosting of the website work and who ensures security? Have you actually thought of security and compliance with the privacy law? Do you remember which services the club uses and from whom?

All in

All the digital services a football club needs

FootballAssist facilitates all software that a football association needs, but also all digital services.

Services that support the software and work together. With FootballAssist, the club only needs 1 supplier for total unburdening and streamlining your club. We call this all-in-1 club provider.

These functions are covered by the digital services


Your club e-mail well taken care of. We support unlimited email addresses, imap, pop3, webmail, spam filters, forward-, out-of-office, backups, encrypted mail and more. Don't need email because your email is in the cloud like Office360? Then we take care of the right settings so that it integrates well with FootballAssist.


Shutting down a website with a ddos attack is child's play. A wizkid can easily shut down the website of a competing club. A joke, but with nasty consequences. However, protecting yourself against a ddos attack is extremely complicated. FootballAssist provides all its users with ddos protection.


Peaks in the number of online visitors are at weekends or when there are cancellations. You also want to offer continuity to your supporters with regard to the data supply of competition and player synchronisation. With FootballAssist you get a robust hosting environment that in 12 years has developed into a platform on which clubs rely blindly.

Splendid. Only one supplier left to run the club.

Lucas Ryan
webmaster since 2015

Not http but https. The websites of our users are secured with an SSL certificate. This offers many advantages including the privacy of your visitor, better findability in Google and a reliable and professional appearance. For safe mail traffic we support SSL or TLS.

DNS management

You have full control over the DNS, which determines how your website can be reached. If you are less technical, we will be happy to adjust the DNS for you. This is possible if the mail needs to remain external or if a subdomain needs to refer to another server.

Domain registration

Standard 1 domain is included. However, you can register or add unlimited domains in our management system at cost price.


Of course we make daily backups of e-mails, photos, texts and other content you have added. So you can rest assured that your club's online data will be preserved.

Privacy certification

See how seriously we take privacy.

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