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Board / Chairman

An organizationally self-reliant, healthy and fun football club

The benefits
  • Digitize without taking the heart out of the club
  • Give sponsors a podium and raise more money
  • Central cooperation and internal processes in order
  • Communicate easily with members, volunteers and stakeholders

The challenges for the board or the chairman

For the love of football and the club, you are committed to ensuring that everything runs smoothly for the association. Rolling out your vision is made difficult by daily worries and a shortage of volunteers.


You don't want to lose human contact within the club. You see advantages of digitizing everything with an app, for example, but you still have some doubts whether it is not too difficult to implement. At the same time, money is often requested and it seems that parents and members are becoming increasingly demanding. There are so many balls to keep in the air!

Where do you get the time from?

There is a structural shortage of volunteers and you notice that people drop out and choose a different club with more (online) appearance.


Streamlining the club turns out to be a difficult task and that sometimes gives some annoyance. You get stuck too much in the issues of the day and are continuously putting out fires. But the best thing you want is to roll out your vision and with the team the noses are in the same direction.

What does an organically self-sufficient and healthy football club look like?

Times are changing and digitization is the new standard.

Current and complete information provision

Times are changing and digitization is the new standard. The club has a professional appearance and offers up-to-date and complete information. To all roles within the club, but also to sponsors, volunteers, people who stay at home, clubs that are guests and the rest of the outside world.


The different disciplines within the club work together as a team and have divided the responsibilities well.

A healthy cashflow

By clever extra ways to raise money for the club, there is enough money in the till and volunteers literally volunteer to do shifts. The atmosphere in the cafeteria is good and the love for football reverberates through the corridors.

FootballAssist is the most complete software system for any amateur football association

FootballAssist supports you in your role as chairman and board member of the club. The features and benefits are:

The club is less dependent on a few people

Often much of the work comes on the shoulders of some dedicated people. With FootballAssist, the tasks are shared fairly. Among other things, through a smart legal system with which the club is managed by several people. An editorial that never goes down!

Solution for the volunteer problem

The software ensures an optimal and fair distribution of volunteer tasks. With handy communication and reminders, everyone knows when and what to do. Still a shortage? Then make tasks compulsory by rewarding volunteers or offering them the opportunity to buy off tasks.

Facilitate every function within the club

Each function within the club has different tasks and needs. FootballAssist offers functionalities that make work easier for him or her.

Optimal communication to supporters

With a website, app and canteen TV, the club offers three linked channels to optimally inform, instruct and entertain members.

More money for the club

Within the software, no less than 10 different sources of income can be used. Take, for example, a webshop, club savings and sponsor deals. In addition to generating extra income, it also creates a greater sense of togetherness.

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GDPR progressive policy

The personal data is safe and the members have control over their own data in accordance with the GDPR law. FootballAssist goes the extra mile for the safety and privacy of the members.

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All-in-1 solution

FootballAssist works with 1 supplier with 1 competitive price for all digital services that an amateur football club needs.

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FootballAssist offers us as web administrators of RKVVL / Polaris a ready-made, complete and user-friendly package with excellent support at a very attractive price. In addition, FootballAssist continues to work on the (further) development of new functionalities within the product.

Armand Croux
Web administrator RKVVL Polaris

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