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FootballAssist possibilities database with filter function

Want to see what we have to offer for a specific position or department within your club? Filter and delve into all the options available for this within FootballAssist.

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Referee directory

A referee overview on the ClubWebsite, a handy tool for all your union and club referees. Take good care of your referees and give them an overview.

Volunteer module

Organize your volunteers and say goodbye to volunteer shortages.
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Player tracking system

A player tracking system linked to the ClubApp. Indispensable analysis tools and communication with the players
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Contribution module

Collecting contributions new style. In contribution paperless, error-free and on autopilot
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FootballAssist FieldTV

Offer your supporters a live stream and summary of matches in the canteen, at home and on the road. And offer your trainers video analysis tools.
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Set a saving target and inform your members about it. Through the club's member network, you can save together for a refurbishment of the canteen or a new artificial grass pitch, for example.
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Liveblog (ClubApp required)

Everything that is posted in the liveblog via the app, such as photos, goal scorer, assist, comments and cards, is shown on the homepage. That way, even if you don't use the app, people at home are kept up to date.
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Powerful newsletter module linked to Sportlink member database. Address your members by their name and send newsletters easily.

Social media links

This gives you a link to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram and Whatsapp. Posts can be automatically placed on each channel.

Match reports

A match report consists of 3 elements: a preview (before), a liveblog (during) and match details (after). Everything within the football club revolves around the match. There are many possibilities around match reports, also when it comes to the rights of posting.


For each match an automatically generated preview with historical results of the teams, what the shape of the two teams is, team info and possibly the line-up and space for a preview in text.

File Management

Your files are nicely categorized in one central place. In case functions are transferred to other people within the club, you retain all knowledge.


Publish the line-up automatically at a certain time (start of the match) on the ClubWebsite, ClubTV in the canteen and on the ClubApp.

Top scorers

A list of all teams within the club with their goals scored, assists and cards. Match statistics and history: Each weekend you build up more history of your own teams, your opponent and the mutual results. Nice for your supporters over the years and useful for analysis.

Automatically turn on and off ClubTV

Automatically turn TV screens on and off Have your TV screens automatically turn on and off at times of your choosing. This allows for efficient use of screen time and most importantly, you can't forget to turn the screens on.
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Notification centre cancelled / retested

Manage refusals and cancellations easily. These messages will automatically appear on the ClubWebsite, ClubTV and ClubApp. Optionally choose an email, text or push notification to inform everyone of a last minute cancellation.
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Player career

Each player builds his own profile. Think of the annual passport photo, matches played, goals, assists, and much more. Throughout the years the player builds a career from youth to senior, which is nicely visualized, to be proud of.
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Pupil of the week

Put a youth player in the spotlight on the website every week. This module is also linked to ClubTV fun, which is great for the canteen.
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Live Stages

Almost 100% coverage of all intermediate positions on the Dutch fields of all first teams!
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8 tools to generate revenue for your club

Seize the opportunity for additional revenue and maintain a financially healthy club
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Supply & Demand

For example, let your members offer second-hand football boots or other goods for sale on the club site.
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Find out what your members think about the club's activities or have a football quiz just for fun.
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Members can put their own media on the website. For example videos and pictures of competitions. The admin must approve these before publication. This option can also be closed, so the material can only come through the CMS.
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The entire clothing line of the club on the website of your football club. Members can easily pay by ideal and the amount is immediately on the account of the club.
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Determine the content of all screens from 1 central point

You determine at which times which information is displayed. For example, you can make a daily schedule for Saturday and show other slides from 12 o'clock. Each TV can be controlled and scheduled separately, anywhere in the world.
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Do you often get asked the same questions? Make an item on your website 'frequently asked questions' of questions that often occur.
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Put all activities, (members) meetings, tournaments and events in a list on the website. This way everyone is informed. The calendar is easy to show in the app and ClubTV.
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Digital forms (registrations)

New members can register digitally or register for a tournament or barbeque, for example. This makes paperwork a thing of the past. Make a link with iDEAL if registration fees need to be collected.
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Input from your members is always useful and interesting. Start a discussion on the website about a particular topic. This can be a public forum or an internal forum for people within the club.
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Vacancy bank

This allows you to clearly display all vacancies within the club. Linked to ClubTV, so also in the canteen, including a QR code that refers to the full vacancy on the website.
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Locker room planner

A user-friendly tool to provide your club with the correct dressing room allocation each week. These are published on the website, ClubApp and ClubTV.
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Field layout planner

A simple tool to provide your club with the correct pitch layout each week. This is published on the website, ClubApp and ClubTV.
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Tournament management

At the end of the season time for tournaments! This is a nice tool with a poule and knock-out system.
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Practice Matches Management

Practice matches directly from the league application or create your own practice matches to be shown on the ClubWebsite, ClubApp and ClubTV.
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Match details

Much used functionality with many visitors! It is the place to be after the game to enjoy the match report, photo material, goal scorers, assist, cards, line-up.
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Team information

Nice presentation of the team layouts + staff + team sponsor(s) and training times.
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An editorial team that never breaks down

From now on the club is not dependent on one person managing the website. Distribute rights and make everyone responsible for his/her own domain.
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