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Mobile Club App for your club

Reach your members at any time through the ClubApp in their pocket, on and off the football field.

The benefits
  • Full control of appearance, menu and information
  • Real-time results, standings, programme, cancellations and intermediate results
  • Push notifications to members in case of last minute changes such as cancellations
  • Follow the match on the road or at home via liveblog or live stream video

"All our visitors are looking elsewhere and not on our club channel".

Many members view results, programme and standings in football apps, as these are not available on their own club website or club app.

It's not your own sponsors that are in the light there but external advertisements and you don't have full control over what club information you add there. Also, the app is not in the club's house style. You want your own club app where everything is up to date and your members can't ignore it, but how?

Own ClubApp and modern way of communication

In the ClubApp of FootballAssist you have all real-time match information as you are used to with the league.

You put it all in the style of the club; the icon, the layout and colors. The app is easy to find in the app store. You have full control and everything is linked to ClubTV and the ClubWebsite. You're not dependent on third parties anymore, take control and the ClubApp becomes the communication channel with your members. And all revenue you earn from advertising and sponsorships in the app, goes to the club coffers.


Communication via the app

Automatically send push notifications around general matters, cancellations, live match information and volunteer tasks through the ClubApp.

Building your own app in a few clicks

All modules on the ClubWebsite are also suitable for the ClubApp. This way you create your own menu and determine which items and modules you want in the ClubApp.

Own club icon

An own ClubApp, so also an own club logo as icon on the Android or iOS mobile of your members. To be proud of!

John 2:50 PM Let's go guys!
Andrew 3:12 PM Suzan scores a goal! ⚽
Julie Nice move


It is possible to offer a live blog along the line during a match through the ClubApp.

You can do this live yourself or let your visitors do it. Everyone with the app can follow the liveblog or participate if you allow it. Add photos, assists, substitutions, goals, cards and comments through the ClubApp. This information is also used for on the ClubWebsite, in the live video streams and on the screens in the canteen, ClubTV.

Scan QR codes with "ClubTV Scanner".

Link your TV screens in the canteen with the ClubApp and make your screens interactive. In the ClubApp is a 'ClubTV scanner' which for example scans action banners of sponsors and vacancies. The member can then in the ClubApp in her / his own time further reading. The number of 'clicks' is measured, so you can see which and how often a sponsor campaign is scanned.

There are many great platforms, from social media to league apps, but these are purely supportive to get visitors to our official club channels. Because on our own ClubApp and ClubWebsite we as a club are fully in control.

Monique van Kerkwijk
Sponsor Committee LRC Leerdam
Favorite teams to follow

It is possible to subscribe to football teams you want to follow. Stay up to date with all the live information about the matches of your favourites via push notifications.

Available information per team: program, results, standings, cancellations, team information (players, training times, staff), league, cup, friendly, top scorers, previews, match reports, team sponsors, layouts, player careers, match history and statistics.

Live stream video and summary

Through the ClubApp it is possible for members to watch matches via a live stream. So you can also enjoy the game if you can not stand along the field. Choose from multiple camera angles, different fields at your own club or at away games where recordings are made.

Volunteer module

In the app on your mobile, volunteers can look up which shifts they have. Via a push notification you are reminded of tomorrow's service. This is an example of a module that is available on the ClubWebsite and ClubApp.

Central management tool

A news item or match report only needs to be entered once to publish it on the ClubWebsite, ClubTV and the ClubApp. Thanks to the central management tool it's published instantly on all media. Easy and time saving.

Available to all, a login for members for additional functions

Everyone can download and use the ClubApp without login. For each member there is a shielded area for personal info, team communication, absence training, AVG settings, volunteer service preferences, personal profile and personal statistics.

Login for trainers and administrator

Trainers and administrators can quickly log into the management environment from the app to reach members.

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