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What do the clubs say?

With 1145 clubs, you're in good company. What do the clubs say? We've put some experiences online on this page.

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Alexander de Jong

A turnkey solution!

FootballAssist is a professional organization that listens to customers; this is reflected, for example, in a quick feedback from the helpdesk. In addition, football assistant has shown in recent years that improvements and updates are continuously implemented. The recently revamped Club app (created based on user suggestions) is a great example of this!

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Sebastiaan Majoor

Everything a club needs and for a low price

Thanks to the website, app and ClubTV of FootballAssist, our members are always up to date with the latest news. The app brings young people and adults together in one environment! Separate WhatsApp groups for each team are no longer necessary thanks to the live blog function, all members are reunited. In addition to many other options, the volunteer module, field and locker room layout and mailboxes are of great value to our club. The service is fast and the price is low. We are very satisfied!

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Corné Dekker

Working as an amateur club with a professional club is great

As a webmaster extremely satisfied with the web services of Voetbal Assist, strong CMS, many possibilities and functionalities, professional helpdesk and most important, satisfied club members who use the VIOS-W site and the Football Assist app!

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Max Donker

Transition was fast and smooth

Last summer we made the transition from VC2000 to FootballAssist with our club (1000+ members). That went quickly and smoothly. A lot of support can be found within the system, and you can also create a ticket, which will be answered quickly. FootballAssist has many options for the web layout and many options for users, in all areas. Serious feedback is also listened to. We are satisfied and can recommend FootballAssist, partly in view of the pricing: value for money.

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Armand Croux

Very user-friendly and complete platform!

FootballAssist offers us as web administrators of RKVVL / Polaris a ready-made, complete and user-friendly package with excellent support at a very attractive price. In addition, FootballAssist continues to work on the (further) development of new functionalities within the product.

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Stef Thyssen

SK Rapid Leest was one of the first Belgian users of FootballAssist

FootballAssist is a total package that is constantly evolving and in our opinion it is already the most complete package for football clubs. It is not only a professional looking website but you can manage your entire club with it and last but not least .... You do not have to be a professional computer user and if you have questions or problems you can count on a professional helpdesk

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Koos Wessels

Great resource for the club

Precisely because of the integration in the package between modules (results, etc.), volunteers and narrowcasting, we recently opted for VA.

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Marcel Rijpstra

An assist in football is just as important as the goal itself and that also applies to the CMS.

Working with football bassist gives our association a complete website in which many components are housed that also support the organization of the club. In addition, it is regularly expanded with new functions that ensure that it stays up to date and can handle new applications.

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Peter Noordhuizen

Nothing missed with Football assist

We the users of vv SEP are very satisfied with our website, which has many possibilities such as publishing stands, news items, advertisements and the ticker. We have 4 screens in the canteen where you can watch Club TV. Furthermore, the use of forms on the website is wonderful, especially now that you can pay with Ideal, there is now an active form for registering for Youth Camp. Furthermore, working with the program for field and locker room layouts is fantastic.

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Emile Jager

Football assistant for both the website and in the canteen

vv Oeken has been using Voetbal Assist for its website since 2010. At the time chosen because of the simple link with the entire competition program, it was now unthinkable to switch to your own solution. The system is regularly expanded and adapts to the wishes of users. We now use Voetbal Assist for our website but also for ClubTV in our clubhouse.

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Fiona Hoogmoed

Many possibilities and fast support!

We are very satisfied with the collaboration with FootballAssist. We have a clear and beautiful website with which we can serve our members and other interested parties well. The app and club TV also work well. Questions about the site are always answered very quickly.

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