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Match Secretary job description and tasks and which tools are useful

Check here the tasks and core function of a Match Secretary

Core task

Developing, implementing and monitoring the technical policy of the club.


  • Determines per age category which skills the players should be taught.
  • Ensures a good transition from the juniors to the seniors.
  • Sets training programs per age category together with the head coaches.
  • Monitors the execution by keeping himself informed of the execution.
  • Gives, together with the head trainers per category, further instructions to the other trainers per category, based on schedules and example trainings (in case of equal interests, a combination of more categories is desirable).
  • Consults regularly with head trainers (structured meetings).
  • Makes, in consultation with the respective age-coordinators, the team line-up for the new season.
  • Attends KNVB meetings concerning competition matters. Preferably with the match secretary.
  • Responsible for appointing caretakers and/or physiotherapists.
  • Responsible for medical / prevention policies.
  • (Encourages if necessary) Organizes parent evenings (technical) for all youth groups, F pupils to A juniors.

Time investment

6 hours per week

(more in exceptional cases)

What software does a treasurer need to carry out his tasks properly?

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