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Job description and tasks Vice Chairman and which tools are handy

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  • Replaces, if necessary, the chairman. Tasks chairman:
  • Managing and supervising the association life.
  • Ensure that the statutes and the internal regulations of the association are complied with, as well as the regulations of the KNVB and other regulations and provisions of official bodies.
  • Presiding over the general meeting of members (ALV) and the periodical board meeting.
  • Responsible for a solid organizational structure.
  • Responsible for the management of the committees.
  • Determines the association's policy in consultation with the other board members and committees.
  • Is periodically informed by the committees.
  • Official spokesperson of the association.
  • Contact person to municipal authorities.
  • Visiting KNVB meetings.
  • In principle being present at home (and away) matches of the 1st team for representation, if unable to attend, ensuring an adequate replacement from the board.
  • In consultation with the secretary, providing information from the board to the club news.

Time investment

2 hours per week

(more in exceptional cases)

What software does a Vice Chairman need to carry out his tasks properly?

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