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Link with matches KNVB and members Sportlink

Automate player, match and club information for all stakeholders

The benefits
  • Realtime connection with the KNVB match data and members Sportlink
  • New members are automatically processed.
  • Results and cancellations in real-time on the website, Clubapp and CanteenTV
  • Valuable information becomes available on the club site
  • Fast communication with members and 24/7 online
  • Members can report changes in their personal details via the Club App

Why is a link needed for your soccer club?

Without a connection with the KNVB matchdata and Sportlink members you often have to enter matchdata twice and new members, who register with the club, have to be entered manually in Sportlink. These members can't be loaded automatically which makes information out of date and error prone. All member changes go through the secretariat which is an unnecessary lot of work. The website of the club is rarely visited because on other apps much more information about announcements, matches and results can be found. This makes the club less visible to sponsors and members.

Links make everything easier

Automating activities and information provision saves a lot of time and unnecessary work. With a link you'll have one platform for the soccer club with automatic data linking from the most important source: the KNVB members in Sportlink Club. This way all information is always up-to-date and the KNVB matches are available. The club decides which information is shared. Members are always up to date with club information and news through the website, app and screens at the club. The workload among the staff has decreased, there is more involvement and more attention for football. The activity on the club's own digital channels has exploded and is an attractive medium for sponsors.

What data do the links for ClubApp, ClubWebsite and ClubTV contain?

Links league, cup and practice matches

  • League and pool fixtures
  • League and Cup programs (including appointed officials)
  • Standings and period stats
  • Real-time cancellations
  • Real-time results (including suspended, non-appearance etc.)
  • Match amendments
  • Fieldplans
  • Locker room arrangements (teams and officials)
  • Collection and departure times league and cup (field and hall)
  • Drivers away matches
  • Practice matches

Link with KNVB members

  • Automatic synchronisation of association members, club members, relations, team members from Sportlink Club to FootballAssist.
  • Join prospective members from the FootballAssist website or club app directly into Sportlink Club.
  • Within FootballAssist these persons will automatically be used in the team classification, volunteer module, contribution module, player tracking system, line-up, match details and also each member will get an account for their data/profile/AVG settings.
  • Existing members can pass on their (address) changes through their account in the club app or website.

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