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To FootballAssist Switching Service

Guidance without worries or double costs

The benefits
  • The service is free of charge
  • Intensive guidance
  • No duplicate costs due to late termination

FootballAssist Switching Service

The step-by-step plan 'settled within a week':

For some reason, you are not satisfied with your current situation. Too few options, no good support, not user-friendly, too expensive or you only want one supplier. FootballAssist offers a seamless transition with maximum support. With this free support we can, in a week from now, have a better and more beautiful environment for your club than we have at the moment.

  • Setting up the environment

    We will set up an environment for you. In the style of your club, with your club colours.

  • Take care of the cancellation and send the registration form

    We will send you a registration form and take care of the termination at your current provider. We make sure you never pay double costs by cancelling too late. Keep in mind that the old environment will be phased out within 3 months. So up to 3 months of double charges.

  • Intensive guidance

    FootballAssist administration is known for its user-friendliness. Support is included in the price. However, if you wish we can offer extra support with the Switching Service, so that in the beginning you get a nice kickstart by e-mail, video call and/or telephone.

  • Transfer of possible archives

    We help with data transfer from the old to the new environment if applicable.

  • Transferring email

    We will help you with transferring mail from the old to the new provider if you want, after all there is a very nice email service as a free service.

  • Putting online

    We transfer the domain for you and make sure your site is secured with a certificate.

  • Help with extra wishes

    Extra support for modules that need to be set up quickly.

We want to give you the best experience of how we work at FootballAssist. We like it that you use our software optimally for your club. What we want is for you to say in a few weeks time: 'The system works great, with good support'.

Gerald Versluis
Owner FootballAssist

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