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Compare the Mediabox & various ClubTv solutions

Advantages and disadvantages of MediaboxTV compared to the total solutions in option 2 that we offer.




BarTV, Locker room TV, Boardroom TV, CantineTV

Is the media set built in?
A separate box connected via HDMI to your TV
No loose locker, there is a FootballAssist media set built in
What should I buy?
In addition to TV another Mediaset to buy at FootballAssist
So all you have to do is buy a Soccer Assistant TV
The screen can be turned on and off automatically.
The volunteer will have to turn the screen on and off manually.
A timer can easily be set on the screen. Which can be switched on and off manually, is a thing of the past!
Is the quality of the screen good?
The screen being used is most likely a consumer screen, and not intended for digital signage purposes.
High quality LG screen specially developed for ClubTv purposes, with good warranty, nice for the board that follows you.
Can the screen be hung vertically?
Consumer TV screens are not made for this purpose. Hanging the screen vertically will shorten its life span.
Screens can be hung vertically, especially useful for BarTV and Changing Room TV.
How long does the screen last?
A consumer screen from a (web) shop has a much shorter life span
Specific narrowcasting screen with extremely long lifespan, suitable for many hours of use
What else do I have to do?
Included is a small guide on how to connect the FootballAssist media set to your TV.
FootballAssist TV is prepared for you. All you have to do is hang it up and connect the power and internet.
Can use WiFi?
Suitable for both UTP and WiFi, although UTP is preferred because of the often more stable connection.
Suitable for both UTP and WiFi, although UTP is preferred because of the often more stable connection.
Can I connect wirelessly to my mobile/laptop?
Casting not possible
Possibility of casting from mobile phone or laptop on the TV for presentation purposes (mail, excel, game tracking system, etc.)
What's cheaper?
Only if you compromise on a lot of functions and quality a separate TV + mediaplayer is cheaper. If there is already a screen present, then the mediaplayer can be an interesting choice.
FootballAssist TV is in most cases cheaper than buying a separate Mediaset + TV.
What is the best way to hang the TV on the wall?
Can also be ordered from us, but it is advisable to coordinate what type of bracket is needed.
We can supply an anti-theft bracket suitable for the type of screen.