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Cookie Policy ClubWebsite / ClubApp

How does FootballAssist handle cookie loading? The interests of the club and the visitor to the ClubWebsite brought together.

The following cookie policy applies to every club that uses VoetbalAssist software on the VoetbalAssist Club website / ClubApp.

Vision cookie policy VoetbalAssist B.V.

VoetbalAssist B.V. never place marketing or analytical cookies on a club's Club Website. However, the club can decide to activate optional third-party plugins. VoetbalAssist has a philosophy of sharing as few cookies as possible and as little information as possible with third parties. No plugins can be activated on the ClubApp, only functional cookies apply for a properly functioning ClubApp.

Intelligent cookie notification

VoetbalAssist B.V. represents the interests of the club and the visitor of the ClubWebsite / ClubApp. A conscious choice has been made for a legally sound cookie notification, which does not unnecessarily burden the visitor with questions that are not necessary. The cookie notification therefore depends (dynamically) on which plugins the club activates or not.

Which ClubWebsite cookies?

Functional cookie(s)
For the proper functioning of the ClubWebsite. No permission is required from the visitor.

Marketing cookie(s):*
If this plugin has been activated by the club, VoetbalAssist will place a marketing cookie notification in which the visitor is explicitly asked to agree to this marketing cookie:

Facebook plugin
How it works: A like button is placed on every page. A Facebook info bar plugin on the ClubWebsite with, among other things, the number of followers.

Analytical cookie(s):
If this plugin has been activated by the club, VoetbalAssist will place an analytical cookie notification, explicitly asking the visitor to agree to this analytical cookie:

Google Analytics
Operation: To gain insight as a club into website visits and visitor behavior.

Which cookies ClubApp?

Functional cookie(s)
For the proper functioning of the ClubApp. No permission is required from the visitor.

Marketing cookie

Analytical cookie

Cookie lifespan

The lifespan of our cookies is 1 year. This means that the cookie notification with the consent questions is re-displayed annually.

When no cookie notification?

If the club has not activated an analytical or marketing plugin, there are only functional cookies. In that case, VoetbalAssist will not provide a cookie notification, in order to give the visitor an optimal experience on the ClubWebsite.

Where can this cookie policy be found?

- On the VoetbalAssist promotional website,
- In the Processing Agreement, which is concluded between the club and VoetbalAssist B.V. is a reference to this document.

- There is a reference to this document in the footer of every ClubWebsite.
- There is a link to this document in the cookie notification.

- In the ClubApp under Settings » General » App information there is a reference to this document.

How to delete cookies?

It is possible to delete the above cookies at any time. Delete the cookies in the internet browser you are using. Consult your browser manual to delete the cookie.

Latest update to this cookie policy:


Questions about this cookie policy?

If you are a football club and not yet a VoetbalAssist customer, please contact us via our contact form. If you are a football club and already a VoetbalAssist customer, create a ticket in your club's CMS via your own account or webmaster. If you are a visitor to a ClubWebsite / ClubApp (i.e. a website of a football club), please contact the club in question via the contact details or form on the website of this football club.

*VoetbalAssist B.V. has a partnership with OnzeClubWinkel. An affiliate marketing party that does not use (marketing) cookies. It is a redirect, where OnzeClubWinkel only registers the club name in its environment. The club name is the only one that is relevant, because commissions benefit the club.

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