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EUR 1.00 per person + EUR 100 one time fee
  • With a minimum of EUR 200 and a maximum of EUR 1000 per year
  • Fast support + in the weekend an emergency service
  • New features free of charge in the package, good development
  • incl. hosting, maintenance, security and backups
  • Democratic development. A suggestion platform which can be voted on
Possibility of 3, 2 or 1 year contract.

Fill in your club details and immediately see the costs for your club

Optional Services

We collect this information for communication with you, see our Privacy Statement.

What is a support user?

E.g., a webmaster who can submit questions to VoetbalAssist. Do you want multiple administrators to be able to ask questions? Then choose additional support users.

What is an email package?

Send email through your club's domain. Choose from one of two packages:

Email package Basic

Forwardings, SPF record, 5 email accounts, unlimited storage, webmail, IMAP and spam filters.

Email Package Plus

Basic + unlimited email accounts

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Try FootballAssist 30 days for free